This Saturday Special edition features Pastor Gabe's blogs about Religion News Service editor Jonathan Merit and "Jesus and John Wayne" author Kristin Du Mez. Visit for more blogs!

Responding to questions about Christ's return like a thief, the pre-trib rapture, replacement theology, the identity of the 144,000, the two witnesses in Revelation 11, and others. Visit for all our videos!

Pastor Gabe shares a sermon he preached on September 26 on the subject of Amillennialism, part of a series on eschatology presented at First Baptist Church in Lindale, TX. Other sermons in this series can be found at

Pastor Gabriel Hughes responds to a confusing article written by Dr. Karen Swallow Prior in the New York Times, a lesson on speaking boldly when it comes to defending unborn children. Visit for his blog.

On this Saturday Special edition, Pastor Gabe responds to an e-mail from an angry follower who was disgusted at the way he talks about abortion. Visit for all our videos!

Responding to questions from listeners about passages on cessationism, marriage books and advice, and anointing the sick with oil. Visit for all our videos!

On this Saturday Special edition, Pastor Gabe examines a growing issue among Southern Baptists concerning women pastors, looking intently at what the Scriptures say. Visit for all our videos!

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